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Circle of Legends is a weekend raiding guild. We raid Friday's from 6pm and Saturday's from 5pm (Pacific). Our events are seriously fun-filled with a raid team that puts in effort and heart, leaving us all looking forward to the next raid day. We are currently in Empires of Kunark. To join us,  please send a /tell to any of our members in-game or "Apply to Circle of Legends" on this page.

Circle of Legends is an Everquest guild on the Bristlebane server.

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Cactikii First Win

by Hhrolf, 18 days ago

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After the initial attempts that were quite messy, our first kill in the RoS expansion was actually very smoothly executed, so well done Legends, that should be on farm very soon.
Nice to see multiple people upgrading their Crestra earrings and Madstompers earring with its Artisan's Prize, Forgotten Gemstone and Eyes of Life & Decay at a massive 651ac and 10095 hp/m/e was just droolworthy.

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Atrebe's Vault First Win

by Hhrolf, 69 days ago

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Atrebe's Vault Down!!! Wtg Legends!

We did it the hard way, with a bug resulting from Foresst dying before he could click his orb meaning the event became much harder, but we powered through it and got the win.
We have been working on this for a while, learning each part and very nearly had this last week and if we had had time for one more run then we felt would have beaten it. You know that feeling of 'we have got this' when you have seen all of a raids tricks and have worked it out, so the win is not actually down to the level increases or new spells from the new expansion that people have got in the last few days since its launch. However all those new levels and spells should help significantly when we return to Tier 3 after xmas.

Wishing you and your families a great Xmas and a Happy New Year from the Management team

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