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Circle of Legends is a weekend raiding guild. We raid Friday's from 6pm and Saturday's from 5pm (Pacific). Our events are seriously fun-filled with a raid team that puts in effort and heart, leaving us all looking forward to the next raid day. We are currently in Empires of Kunark. To join us,  please send a /tell to any of our members in-game or "Apply to Circle of Legends" on this page.

Circle of Legends is an Everquest guild on the Bristlebane server.

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The EYES have it

by Hhrolf, 60 days ago

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Not a new first win but something very newsworthy all the same

So after 3 months of working on the TBM raid achievements, we took a massive step forward this week by completing two of the hardest in one night - 'Uncursed' and 'Dance Dance Revolution'.

Uncursed especially was nice to get as it gives all the healing classes their Eye of Life to go with the Eye of Decay most people got back in March. Dont forget to keep clicking it until it maxxes out, which for most people will be at the 7% stage atm. 7% extra to all the healing is going to be massive.

Just a couple more achievements to go until we can turn them into the combined Eyes of Life and Decay.
Good job Legends, that was a fun weekends work

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